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 In fresh revelation 2018, Hebrews

Let me define faith as it is in Hebrews 11, faith is the evidence of things not seen. God this morning revealed faith to us in a way that is mind blowing. My wife got it this way: man teaches that faith is obedience (you must obey God else) but when you really understand grace and mercy you understand how much freedom you have in God and that freedom cancels out the fear of obedience that man teaches you so your head becomes confused as to obey God’s voice or be free in his love. However, love will always win so fear of obedience. In short, you are not afraid of God anymore. You only do faith as in Hebrews 11 and not obedience as we were thought. Explaining further, you should be free in God and be able to listen to God. Without faith in Jesus you can’t even please

Once, you have faith in Jesus you become righteous and he is pleased with you.
In Hebrews 11, there are examples of learning faith. Bottom line is faith is listening to God’s voice. Examples were Moses was told by God to get the Israelites out of Egypt and Moses listened, Joshua was given instructions and he followed and so the city of Jericho fell, and it goes on and on. And so what we really learned from these examples is Faith is doing what God says is possible. Faith is listening to God’s voice and acting on it.

Again, faith is listening to God’s voice and acting on it. Faith has obedience in it. Faith is way beyond obedience. Faith is hearing God’s voice and doing.
Our own life example is God told me to marry Katie and I did. God concurrently told Katie to marry me, Joshua and she did. We can go on.

Faith is not fear to obey or not obey God as we been thought for years. Grace teaches faith as listening to God and doing in a spirit of freedom and love.

By Joshua Anquandah

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    You should all read this. I am blessed by this message!

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